Woo hoo! We’re thrilled to announce the winners (so far) of the JOIN THE CREW competition.


The first fifteen crew members who signed up to the new Vampirates website have won a funky double-sided VAMPIRATES poster, signed by Captain Somper himself.

1 – jhunkin

2 – ladysquecky13

3 – GraceTempest

4 – BloodDiva

5 – Alexandra298

6 – NicoTempest

7 – connorandgracetempest

8 – marinamar17

9 – nyta

10 – Jasiu

11 – Pilim

12 – ZeroThehunter

13 – nadine_n

14 – Camalord

15 – bubblemoon66


The 50th crew-member who signed up to the new Vampirates website has won a signed copy of a VAMPIRATES book in the language of their choice.



The 101sh crew-member who signed up to the new Vampirates website has won a pirate flag, used by Captain Somper himself at events – personalised by the Captain!



Feel free to check out out COMPETITIONS page to keep up to date with new competitions and further winner announcements.


All the winners have been contacted via email to claim their prize.


A mighty congratulations from everyone at Vampirates HQ!




  • GraceTempest

    I was third! aha. I got it in the post today! very pleased! thank you! 🙂

  • grace258

    i wish their was a 7th book in vampirates

    • justinsomper

      There kind of is a seventh book, if you count DEAD DEEP!

  • Blooddiva

    I have not received my poster yet have they been sent out ? 🙂

    • vampirateshq

      Hi there. We know you’re one of the poster winners but we don’t seem to have received your e-mail with your postal address. Please can you send another to vampshq@vampirates.co.uk and we’ll get this sorted asap. And remind us on the e-mail of your actual name so that Justin can sign the poster to you personally.

  • BloodCaptain

    Ummm…… Justin Somper I am like a huge Vampirates fan and I would love you to make a seventh book to add to the series or since dead deep is part of the series then an eighth book. Please Please a lot of fans love the series and want to see one more book to the series

  • Cate

    I wish there where more books of Vampirates and congratulations if jou where one off them you really deserved it

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