The sixth main VAMPIRATES novel, IMMORTAL WAR – or rather LA GUERRA INMORTAL – has just been published in Spain by Random House Mondadori. Justin was as pleased as punch to get his hands on a copy of the Spanish edition, with its striking cover art. Justin says, “I have some very dedicated – and extremely patient! – readers living in Spain. I know this because several have asked me via my blog, twitter and facebook when they could get their hands on LA GUERRA INMORTAL. I’m delighted that the book is now available for them and hope Spanish readers really enjoy the twists and turns of the novel!” If you are one of the Spanish contingent of Nocturnals, why not leave us a post to let us know that you’ve read the book and what you think about it?

  • Blooddiva

    The cover looks amazing ! Wish I could read Spanish 🙂 not that that matters I would only buy is for the cover 😉

    • Lucía

      Jajaj I’m from Argentina ( I read Spanish)… that book is the one that i know and love. The cover is as amazing as the as the content.. but i suppose that you already knew that because you read the book ;D
      A pleasure to read your admiration for the cover and answer you. I would love if we could keep in touch.

  • marinamar17

    I’m Spanish, but I haven;t the Spanish edition!(I have read IMWA in english) I Really want to buy it as soon as possible, thought I;ve no idea about what is the ship or the guy who appears in the cover. You thanks us for been dedicated, but I can say you, for all the Spanish people, that this dedication and love towards vampirates couldn’t be possible without you, your immortal characters and your books. For this I say, and I know that all Spain say whit me: THANK YOU, CAPTAIN, AND TRUST THE TIDE!!

    • justinsomper

      Gracias for your lovely message! I really appreciate that.

  • GraceTempest

    Wow! The artwork on that is amazing! I love it! 🙂

  • Lady Writer

    Hey! I’m a spanish reader! I’ve just finished the book. It’s amazing! I LOVE VAMPIRATES!! Thank you, Justin Somper, for writing this wonderful books 🙂

    Greetings from Valencia, Spain 😀

    • justinsomper

      You’re so welcome! I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

  • Alexandra298

    I’m a argentinian reader, but I buy the books in Spain because they arrive very late here.
    I love the cover! I can’t wait to have it!

  • María

    I bought it in English a year ago and I started translating it, but I didn’t last much! =P And now I have it in Spanish, I bought it three days ago and started reading it, but I almost didn’t remember how the fifth ended! So I started reading Empire of the Night yesterday and I have ended it today =D And I’m going to continue reading right now, because I can’t stop! I hope Johnny appears in the 6th book.. When I finish it I’ll write here again =D God, I love this saga!! I started it in 2006 with 12 years old, now I’m almost 18 and my love for those characters haven’t dissapeared…

    • justinsomper

      It’s great hearing from readers like you who have gone on a journey with the books. Johnny certainly does appear in LA GUERRA IMMORTAL. Couldn’t end the sequence without that vacquero! I look forward to hearing what you feel about the ending.

  • Monica

    how about a french version of the book? i am taking french write now in high school (ive been a fan since 6th grade! im a 10th grader :P). i want to get some of my favorite books in french so i can learn french better (and possibly spanish, german, and russian…do they have russian? i sure hope so!)

    • vampirateshq

      Hello there. There are French editions of the VAMPIRATES books already! Justin’s French publisher is Hachette. And yes indeed, they are also available in Russian! We agree – what a great way to learn different languages by reading different editions of VAMPIRATES 😉

  • Jetset

    I live in Lanzarote in the Canary islands, Spain and I am a Vampirates fanatic. I download them in English (I prefer to read in English rather than Spanish) on to my kindle but I have told all my friends who read in Spanish that La Guerra Immortal is now out for them to read.
    They are the best books I have read for a long time
    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Anna

    hi!! I live in Mexico but I bought all the book in Spain, I started to read vampirates in 2006 when I was 15, and in that age I didnt love books like now, vampirates was the first book I finished beacause in school the books were my nightmare and i couldn’t read them :S
    So…thank you, Captain Somper, because now I’m a bookaholic!! XD
    Immortal war is the last book? ;u; because i want to read more and more and more!! Vampirates is addictive! and I love Lorcan =/////=^

  • ansh

    you need to make some spine coverd bookes

  • Cate

    Cool Cover I wish i could read spanish but not only about the cover i read the book already and ik Was fantastic
    I loved It 🙂

  • Carol

    Hello i’m also spanish i loved all the books, but i don’t like johnny too much because i love lorcan. however johnny is a nice character
    i have to say that i read all the books in 2 weeks because i couldn’t stop reading.
    i didn’t want to begin readin this book because i thougth it was going to be terrifing but my older sister (the owner) told me to read the 3 she had. i started reading and i told my mother to buy the 4, 5 and 6th because i was going to read one a day . now i’m telling my friends to read it and they are enjoying a lot.
    thank you for everything! Sorry for my bad writing i’m 12!

  • jocuri aventura mario

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I
    will be waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.

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