There’s been an incredible display of support from you lot since the arrival of Justin’s new website. We’re thrilled that you approve and are just loving the comments you’ve left on the news pages!

Just as exciting is how dotted about the globe you all are. Nocturnals have already signed up from the following territories:

Argentina / Australia / Brazil / Canada / Croatia / Ecuador / England / Ireland / Italy / Luxembourg / Malta / Mexico / Northern Ireland / Norway / Peru / Philippines / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Saudi Arabia / Scotland / Spain / Sweden / United States / Wales

We can’t wait to see where you’ll sail in from next!

A hearty thanks to all the Nocturnals, from the team at Vampirates HQ.

  • GraceTempest

    Awesome! Glad to be of such a wide fanbase! We’re like an empire! Or should I say ‘Empire of night!’ :’) x

  • Alexandra298

    I’m a proud Nocturne from Argentina. I just love the new website and be part of this ‘Empire of Night’ xD

  • Blooddiva

    Not many Vampirate fan’s where I’m from but Glad i’m apart of the the worldwide crew

  • AnneLilholt

    I’m i the only one from Denmark or are there anymore nocturnes from little Denmark?

    • Cecilie

      I’m from Denmark too!! 😀
      Så du er ikke helt alene 😉

    • Astrid

      I’m from Denmark too! Or should i say three? xD

  • Nocturn

    I’m a Norcturn from the united states and i am so glad to see others share my love!! and im glad to be part of the ‘Empire of Night’ :’)

  • Gracie

    I’m a nocturnal from Ecuador! And it’s wonderful to know that there’s many of us all over the world! i hope one day we’ll get to know each other!

  • Milerna

    I’m from Argentina, and I’ve grown up with these books. I’m absolutely inlove with them. Thank you Justin for creating this magic world for us all Nocturnals! I can’t wait to read more from my beloved Vampirates, and I guess I’ll just have to trust the tide. Lots of love from Buenos Aires, Hermano, as Johnny would say. ♥

  • Carol

    I’m a nocturnal from spain!
    and i’m very happy that other people share with me this “little” inlove (or how should i write it) i hope one day we can do a nocturnal party at the blood’s tavern 😀
    i love you all, nocturnals and mr somper!

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