Things have reached an exciting stage with ALLIES & ASSASSINS. Since early February, I’ve been working on rewrites with my fab editor, Sam Smith at Atom. Things hotted up further from the beginning of April, with the manuscript whizzing back and forth between us – like a game of literary ping-pong – until we were both happy it was just right. Many of these exchanges took place via e-mail but we also had some fun and productive face-to-face meets, including a marathon four-and-a-half-hour session at Paul’s in London’s Covent Garden district. As you can see, we were fuelled by tea and cream cakes. Well, when you’re writing about murder, ambition and intrigue, nothing gets those creative juices flowing like a chocolate eclair! The book is now going to the copy-edit stage so we are all set for the UK publication in September. Not too long now!

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