On a decidedly wet and windy Sunday (May 20th), Justin was part of the stellar line-up of author talent at the inaugural Luton Hoo Walled Garden Children’s Book Festival. The decidedly non-summery weather did not deter visitors – there were 1700 of them during the course of the day. Maybe you were amongst them? Amongst the other authors attending was Jonathan Stroud who went to St Albans School with Justin. “I had a great time,” Justin says, “and the event ran so smoothly that it certainly did not feel like year one. It was great to meet new readers and catch up with a lot of old friends too.”

The festival celebrated 100 years of classic book THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Exceedingly well-read Nocturnals amongst you may remember that this book makes an appearance in one of the VAMPIRATES novels, but can you remember which one and exactly where it appears? Consider that a challenge, crew!

Check out Justin’s photos from Luton Hoo here!

  • Lizzie foreèn

    Hi, my name is Lizzie and I love Vampirates. I love to read I really hope they make a movie. It would be cool to have a part but I don’t look like any charterers. It be cool to be the tavern donor just a small, part but not going to come true. I’m from the U.S and I’m a model for justic but I’ve never been in a movie. It would be cool but I’m not Australian.

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