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  • INTRODUCTION by Justin Somper
  • Love and War
INTRODUCTION by Justin Somper

What follows are two chapters, which were deleted from the final edit of VAMPIRATES: IMMORTAL WAR. Be warned, if you haven’t yet read IMMORTAL WAR, you might not want to read them as they are sprinkled with plot spoilers! These two chapters – “Love and War” and “The Warrior in Winter” - show Bo Yin and the Federation’s newest captain, Moonshine Wrathe, making a journey to Lantao Island to collect more swords from Bo’s father, swordsmith Master Yin. But when they arrive at Bo’s home, there’s a nasty surprise in wait for them… These two chapters …

INTRODUCTION by Justin Somper
IMMORTAL WAR: Lost Chapter – Love and War

Bo Yin had rarely felt happier. It was as if every step in her life had been leading her to this point. Here she was sailing a Federation launch, under the command of the charming and devilishly handsome Moonshine Wrathe, on the way to Lantao Island. Catching up with her father was always a treat but she knew that this time she was returning home as a fully-fledged pirate. Master Yin had had mixed feelings about Bo’s choice of career but, in the end, he had realised that nothing should – or could - get between Bo and her destiny. …

Love and War
IMMORTAL WAR: Lost Chapter – The Warrior in Winter

“Who are you?” Moonshine asked a second time of the young man standing before him, twin katanas drawn.   “My name,” said the stranger, a half-smile flickering on his face, “is Nianzu Yin.”   “Yin?” Moonshine repeated.   “Yes,” the stranger nodded, emphatically. He lifted one of the katanas but it was clear from his stance that he was not attacking Moonshine but merely pointing towards Bo Yin. “I’m little Bo’s cousin. I’ve been drafted in to help my uncle with production of his swords.” Nianzu shook his head. “Don’t you remember me, Bo?”   Bo …