Meet the Crew

Captain Molucco Wrathe

Love him or hate him, you’d have to agree that Molucco (pronounced Mo-luck-o) Wrathe is one of the most notorious and flamboyant captains ever to sail the high seas. With his rainbow-coloured dreadlocks and his pet snake Scrimshaw (who somehow lives among those dreadlocks!), Molucco Wrathe is a larger-than-life character.

Born into a pirate dynasty, he has two brothers, Barbarro and Porfirio, who are both captains themselves. Molucco believes in a “short life but a merry one”. He’s a traditional, rock ‘n’ roll pirate, who has no time for the more strategic approach advocated by the Pirate Federation and the likes of Cheng Li, his Deputy Captain (who he loathes!).

At first, Connor sees Captain Wrathe as a benevolent father-figure but as events unfold, he starts to question that view. Is Molucco Wrathe selfish, evil or just a little misguided? We’ll let you decide. One thing’s for sure, life’s never dull when he’s around.