Meet the Crew

Jasmine Peacock

She’s studious, ambitious and as sharp as a tack…and if Jacoby Blunt’s description is anything to go by, she also happened to be the foxiest girl at Pirate Academy.

Whether sharing her knowledge on the finer points of martial arts or showing her thirst for winning as part of an eighteen-foot skiff’s racing crew, Jasmine Peacock is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. The combination of her exceptional focus, determination and bravery makes her a natural choice to be recruited as a key member of a newly formed attack force of Vampirate assassins. Add dazzlingly green eyes and strikingly black hair to the mix and the boys are stopped dead in their tracks.

Although one half of Pirate Academy’s golden couple, alongside Jacoby Blunt, Jasmine has undoubtably attracted the attention of Connor Tempest and in turn found herself drawn closer to him…but will she be able to choose between Connor and Jacoby; or will her ambition win ultimate priority over her heart?