Meet the Crew

Cutlass Cate Morgan

Cutlass Cate is, as the sequence begins, head of weaponry and strategy aboard pirate ship The Diablo. She is well-liked and hugely respected by the crew and when, in Tide Of Terror, the position of Deputy Captain suddenly comes up for grabs, she’s the natural choice.

But one fateful day, Cate’s glittering career stumbles when The Diablo comes up against rival pirate ship The Albatross and its ruthless Captain Narcisos Drakoulis – a man with an ancient grudge towards Molucco Wrathe. As Drakoulis and his crew attack, Cate’s command is called into question. In the wake of the terrible events of that day, her authority is undermined and her relationship with Captain Molucco Wrathe takes a tumble. Worse still, she loses a dear comrade and friend.

In Blood Captain, a fresh campaign gives Cate the opportunity to display her tactical mastery and claw back the respect she lost. But, once again, things do not exactly go to plan and Cate has to think – and act – fast to avert disaster.

You’re not on my crew. And if you’re not on my crew, you’re the enemy.” Cutlass Cate – EMPIRE OF NIGHT