Meet the Crew

Connor Tempest

Connor’s adventures begin when he and his sister Grace are shipwrecked as they flee from Crescent Moon Bay. He’s rescued by Cheng Li and taken aboard notorious pirate ship The Diablo. Soon Connor is embroiled in the life of a young pirate. Though he misses Grace deeply and fears for her safety, he takes to the pirate life as smoothly as a duck to water.

He earns his stripes defending Captain Molucco Wrathe against a surprise attack. Then, as he begins sword fighting lessons, he marks himself out as a pirate of great potential. He’s a popular member of the crew and becomes best buddies with Bart and Jez. In Tide of Terror, Connor comes to the attention of the Pirate Federation, who want to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Then, in Blood Captain, the reality of what it means to be a pirate really comes home to Connor. These are testing times for the young hero as he questions his allegiances and debates just where his future lies.