Meet the Crew

Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Pearce

From the beginning, straight-talking, fun-loving Aussie, Bart is Connor Tempest’s best buddy aboard The Diablo. Bart is a whiz with the broadsword and has an unflagging eye for the ladies, whether it’s weapons supremo Cutlass Cate or Ma Kettle’s glamourous serving assistant, Sugar Pie.

Soon, Connor, Bart and their comrade Jez Stukeley become inseparable and are nicknamed “The Three Buccaneers” by Cutlass Cate. But a sudden and terrible event tears “The Three Buccaneers” apart and causes even Bart’s sunny outlook to be questioned. Maybe it’s time for this good-time boy to face some harsh realities and finally start to grow up?

I’ve lived more in these two and twenty years than most blokes do in a lifetime.” Bart Pearce – DEMONS OF THE OCEAN