Book 2: Tide of Terror

book 2 - Tide of Terror UKFirst Published in the UK 3 July 2006

Simon & Schuster UK Ltd / ISBN-10: 1416901418 / ISBN-13: 978-1416901419

First Published in the USA 1 April 2008

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers / ISBN-10: 0316014451 / ISBN-13: 978-0316014458


The incredible adventures of twins Grace and Connor Tempest continue in the second Vampirates novel, Tide of Terror

Connor may only be fourteen but he’s taken to the life of a pirate like a duck to water. But his loyalties are divided between his shipmates and his sister.

Meanwhile Grace isn’t finding pirate life so appealing. She cannot shake the feeling that all is not well on the Vampirate ship she has left behind. Dare she try to return to it?

New experiences await them both, including a journey to the fabled Pirate Academy.

An intriguing mix of piracy and vampirism…bravo!” Darren Shan


UK Readers – Purchase a copy of Tide of Terror

UK Readers – Purchase a copy of Tide of Terror (Kindle Edition)

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USA Readers – Purchase a copy of Tide of Terror (Kindle Edition)

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I would rate them as the best fantasy books I have read!Ethan (Vampirates reader – May 2009)


You’ll read this book virtually without a break, it’s so brilliant, but be warned, you might cry a bit too!Sarah Blythe (Newcastle Upon Tyne Evening Chronicle – March 2008)


It has left me itching to read more and curious about future twists to the series.” Sarah’s Book Reviews (Blogspot – April 2010)


This is another exciting swashbuckler, filled with friendship, romance, a pirate school, duels, heartbreak, old enemies, divided loyalties and (needless to say) vampire pirates. It is sure to satisfy fans of Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean, who may appreciate in particular the competent female pirates as well as the hilariously dark undead humour.” Terry Miller Shannon ( reader review – September 2007)


This is a breathtakingly original twist on the currently fashionable pirate theme with a swashbuckling start, an exciting finale and many deadly duels and bloody battles in between. Hugely readable.School Library Association (May 2007)