Book 1: Demons of the Ocean

book 1 - Demons of the Ocean UKFirst Published in the UK 6 June 2005

Simon & Schuster UK Ltd / ISBN-10: 0689872631 / ISBN-13: 978-0689872631

First Published in the USA 1 April 2007

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers / ISBN-10: 0316014443 / ISBN-13: 978-0316014441


The year is 2505. The oceans have risen. A new era of piracy is dawning.

A vicious storm separates twins Connor and Grace Tempest, destroying their boat and leaving them fighting for their lives in the cruel, cold water.

Picked up one of the more notorious pirate ships, Connor soon finds himself wielding a cutlass. But does he have the stomach to be a pirate?

Grace finds herself aboard a more mysterious ship. Kept under lock and key she’s assured no harm will come to her, just as long as she follows the enigmatic captain’s rules…


Totally original…I wish I’d had this idea!” Anthony Horowitz



UK Readers – PURCHASE A COPY of Demons of the Ocean

UK Readers – PURCHASE A COPY of Demons of the Ocean (Kindle Edition)

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USA Readers – PURCHASE A COPY of Demons of the Ocean (Kindle Edition)

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 I became an instant fan the very first day I read Demons and looked forward to all the other books thereafter.” Otso (Vampirates reader – April 2009)


 From sword fights to Feast Night, this first book takes you on journeys of wonder and discovery. When I read this last summer, I fell in love with the series. It was easy to read, something to enjoy, but it was also a book where you see how the main characters change and develop all the time with their settings.” Faythe (Reader Review at Fresno County Public Library – June 2009)


Loving every minute of it!” upp 4 (Vampirates reader – September 2009)


Get ready to be washed away by this exciting, swashbuckling adventure.” Karin Perry ( reader review – April 2006)


 After reading this 330-page book, I was awestruck by how original and amazing it was.” Haille Bailey-Harris ( reader review – June 2007)


My friend tossed DEMONS OF THE OCEAN on my desk and said “you’ve gotta read this book! it’s really good.” So I returned my other books back to the library and had the first 200 pages done by the end of that night!” bmk1999 (Vampirates reader – September 2009)