Dead Deep (World Book Day 2007)

book 7 - Dead Deep UKFirst Published in the UK 19 February 2007

Simon & Schuster UK Ltd; World Book Day Edition / ISBN-10: 1416932410 / ISBN-13 978-1416932413


Dead Deep is a one off short story written exclusively for World Book Day in 2007.

The action takes place between the end of Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean and the beginning of Vampirates: Tide of Terror when Connor and his new pirate buddies Bart and Jez have their first bit of shore leave…but soon find them selves in deadly deep water.


Want to read more? Here’s a little taster of how their weekend adventure began…or you can download as a PDF  …or even click here to listen to an excerpt!


an intriguing mix of piracy and vampirism…bravo!” Darren Shan


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I read it, and loved it!vampirealice94 (Vampirates reader – Norway – September 2009)


When I heard about Dead Deep I had to have it! I loved it, I could never guess what was gonna happen next.” vampirequeen12 (Vampirates reader – September 2009)