Book 4: Black Heart

book 4 - Black Heart UKFirst Published in the UK 2 May 2009

Simon & Schuster UK Ltd / ISBN-10: 1416901035 / ISBN-13: 978-1416901037

First Published in the USA 1 June 2010

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers / ISBN-10: 0316020885 / ISBN-13: 978-0316020886


There’s a new ship of vampirates roaming the seas, leaving a trail of fear and devastation in its wake. When a high-profile pirate is slain, the Pirate Federation takes decisive action and begins training up a ship of dedicated vampire hunters. 

Amongst the dynamic crew is young pirate prodigy Connor Tempest. Meanwhile, Connor’s twin sister Grace enjoys a bittersweet reunion with their mother, Sally, who has some important and shocking news for her daughter. As Grace uncovers the truth about her family’s past, she realises that she and Connor face a daunting and uncertain future.


WOW! this book is mouthwatering, a must buy for anyone”.Charlie (Reader review on – March 2009)


UK Readers – Purchase a copy of Black Heart

UK Readers – Purchase a copy of Black Heart (Kindle Edition)

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USA Readers – Purchase a copy of Black Heart (Kindle Edition)

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 Black Heart was amazing (obviously).” Lika (Vampirates reader – March 2009)


The stand-out part of BLACK HEART, is definitely Lady Lola Lockwood, a deliciously badder than bad baddie…. it ticks all the boxes. There’s action aplenty, interesting central characters, outrageously naughty villains and an ongoing family mystery. What more could they want?” Jill Murphy (The Book Bag – February 2009)


Absolutely brilliant. Justin Somper just continues to get better.” Ryan Woods (reader review on


I have only just got Black Heart but am reading it for the third time!!” Worraker (Vampirates reader – March 2009)


What marks this book out from many a similar action tale is that the author chooses not to characterise all vampirates as monsters, but to explore what it’s actually like to have to wander the earth for eternity, in pursuit of new supplies of rhesus negative.” ‘Family book club: something to get your teeth into’ by Christopher Middleton (article on – May 2009)


This is a fast-paced adventure story with a few surprises along the way.” Corinda J. Humphrey, Los Angeles Public Library (review on – 2009)


This is undeniably one of the best books I have ever read. With it’s witty comments, and spectacular twists and plot turns, it’s a definite entertainer.Tigerstarz (reader review on – February 2009)


I loved it! Great twist in the story too. I can’t wait for the next one!deputyjamie (Vampirates reader – April 2009)